Making your good choices count for more.

Earn rewards from brands for living a healthy lifestyle.

Collect LifePoints by

Spending time at your gym
This feature has been put on pause due to the covid-19 pandemic.
Staying in Self-Isolation
For the time-being, we see this as a good choice that deserves to go recognized and rewarded.
Getting your daily steps in
You already walk everywhere. Now, you're going to be earning points for every step you take.
Redeem your points for rewards at brands, like:
And we're constantly expanding this list.

Here's how it works

Earn 'em

We'll automatically detect when you arrive and exit your gym, and pull your step count directly from the Health app.

Spend 'em

Spend all those hard-earned points on rewards, like discounts and cash prizes! They'll also help you climb the leaderboards!

Redeem 'em

Once you've got that reward in your possession, you can just follow the on-screen instructions to redeem it.
Climb the leaderboard to show your friends who's #1!
Each month you can earn big cash prizes if you out-compete everyone!
It's our mission to celebrate the good lifestyle choices people make, with the goal of encouraging them to make more.