Making your good choices count for more.

Earn rewards from brands for living a healthy lifestyle.

Collect LifePoints by

Spending time at your gym
Need extra motivation to get to the gym? You collect 1 LifePoint per minute you spend there.
Getting your daily steps in
You already walk everywhere. Now, you're going to be earning 5LP for every 1,000 steps you take.
Completing challenges
Complete challenges every day to earn bonus LifePoints.
Redeem your points for rewards at brands, like:
And we're constantly expanding this list.

Here's how it works

Automatic collection process

We'll automatically detect when you arrive and exit your gym, and pull your step count directly from apple health.

Save up to purchase rewards

Save up the LifePoints you collect until you have enough to purchase a reward from one of our brand partners, which you'll find in our Reward Shop.

Redeem on their site

After you purchase a reward, you'll get a unique code that can be used on that brand's site at checkout to get your discount.
Climb the leaderboard to show your friends who's #1!
Finish in the top 10 to earn rewards! (coming soon)
Our mission is to reward all of our users for every good lifestyle choice they make and encourage them to make more.

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