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The Gravity Of The Situation

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Quarantine Routine

Well, I’m sure this isn’t something the majority of us were prepared for, and because it doesn’t look like this will be over anytime soon, I thought I’d share some thoughts on building a “Quarantine Routine”!

Veganuary – Maintaining Healthy Nutrition

Veganuary is a pledge people take where they attempt to go vegan for the month of January and the rest of the year. I’m not going to get into the pros and cons of going vegan in this post, but I did want to highlight some nutrients your body might begin lacking as a result of removing meat from your diet, and provide you with some replacement sources!

The Power of “Every Other Day” – Sticking to Your Fitness Goals

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that most New Year’s resolutions fizzle up before the end of February. Why is this the case? Well, most people attempt to go straight from holiday bulking to fitness fanatic suddenly, however, abrupt lifestyle changes are hardly ever sustainable. Instead of attempting this radical lifestyle change, I invite you to attempt the Every Other Day method. It’s as simple as it sounds: implement your New Year’s resolution every other day. This is most applicable to those looking to get to the gym more often, but can also be practical to some other resolutions such as, quitting smoking and flossing more often.

An account of university from a fellow student

Ever heard of Michel Foucault’s account of docile bodies? I took a philosophy course during university that changed my life forever and it's partially because that's where I learned the definition of a docile body. This is my account of university as I saw it in my second year.