Drive more sales by rewarding people for living well.
There are millions of people that have a gym membership, and millions more that track their steps. When you partner with us, we will work to get you in front of those people, in a meaningful way.
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LifePoints is a reward-based, advertising platform

Users collect LifePoints by spending time at their gym, walking (and just added recently, spending time in self-isolation).

Once a user has enough LifePoints, they'll be able to purchase a reward to your store, like $10 off their purchase total.

To redeem the reward, they'll simply copy the unique code from our app and paste it at checkout, on your website.

14x increase in customer purchase intent.

When you reward someone, you aren't just giving them a "discount," you're coming in and telling them that you are proud of them for accomplishing something that means a lot to them—like getting to the gym or hitting their step goal.

This type of advertising is much more powerful than many conventional methods, and that can result in up to a 14-fold increase in customer purchase intent.

Reward-based advertising

Increase sales by rewarding users for something they're proud of.

More sales, less effort. Compared to many conventional advertising methods, rewarding a customer can result in a much higher chance of them purchasing, because you're piggybacking the positive emotions that arise from accomplishing something.

Build loyal relationships. People are bombarded by over 5,000 ads a day, all of which are trying to grab their attention. Stop competing in this gauntlet and stand out in a unique and meaningful way that has been shown to foster lasting relationships.

Increase brand perception. It isn't easy, nor cheap, to lead a healthy lifestyle. By rewarding our users you are encouraging them to stay on track by making their good choices count for more, and that doesn't go unnoticed.

Sponsored leaderboards

Build hype around your brand and share your story with our users.

Be the main prize. Every month we host a leaderboard to see who can earn the most LifePoints; let's make your brand be what everyone is competing for.

Tell your story. Share your story with everyone on our platform through text, image and video. Tell our users why you want to promote good health and how that aligns with your brand.

Engage with our users. We're consistently adding novel ways to engage with our users, from sponsoring challenges to sending out some branded #MondayMotivation. There isn't another platform that lets you engage with your customer's daily lives in an appropriate way like you can with LifePoints.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Get everyone involved in a good cause.

Be the centre of attention. Show the world you care by pledging to donate time/resources/money to a charity of your choosing on a public paltform.

Get everyone involved. Users can choose to donate their hard-earned points to your campaign, so they feel as though they're contributing to the pledge amount in their own way.

Garner Customer Respect. Instead of donating to a charity and writing about it, let's get everyone involved, this way you're CSR is getting noticed, and people are working hard to help support your cause!

Engage with your customer, and thousands of others, beyond your store.

Instead of engaging with your customers through text, email or social media, why don't you become a part of their daily lives? Instead of being perceived as a company trying to sell them something, why not be seen as a supporter of their lives; and specifically their good lifestyle choices?

LifePoints aims to facilitate the interaction between you and our super-star users during their moments of achievement, and the result of that will be the creation of lasting relationships between you and your customers.

Small team, big dreams

Let our entire team help drive value to you and your business.

We're going to be right by your side throughout our entire relationship. We're determined in providing you value in as many ways as possible and helping you unlock the power of LifePoints. Need some graphics? No problem. Want some help with SEO? Let's see what we can do. Can't think of a good reward campaign? Give us a call.

Pay-per-performance & transparency

We appreciate the "nothing to lose" mentality, so we built our business model around it.

Like other advertising methods, you pay based on performance. Unlike many advertising methods, you only pay when we successfully generate you a sale. This means you aren't wasting money on impressions, despite getting thousands of impressions daily on a hyper-targeted demographic. There you go, nothing to lose.

Don't re-engage, stay engaged. It's cheaper that way.

When you bring a customer to our platform, you're inviting them to join your own loyalty program. Once they're on LifePoints, they'll not only be grateful for all of the other rewards they'll be able to earn, but you'll have direct access to them whenever you need, which means re-engagement costs will be cut dramatically.

New promotion going on? Let's tell 'em about it. Feel like engaging with them through a challenge? Click, click, done. Want to generate more buzz? Let's sponsor a leaderboard.

Don't come and go. Instead, become a part of your customer's life. When you stick with 'em through the ups and downs, they're going to be much more willing to support you.

Put your customer acquisition cost to the actual customer, not the ad giants.

Up until now, you've been paying to acquire new customers by pouring money into the big advertisers.

Now, imagine if you gave that money to your actual customer. And better yet, imagine you gave it to them as a reward for kicking-ass? Which sounds more fair?


What is LifePoints?

LifePoints is a free iOS app that lets users collect "LifePoints" based on the time they spend at their gym and the amount of steps they take each day. Users can then use these points to purchase Rewards from our marketplace. Rewards are discounts and deals provided to us by our partnered businesses, like "Free Shipping" or "$10 Off Your Purchase Total."

Why would I offer discounts to my store?

Studies show that when you reward a person they are much more likely to follow through and purchase something. So instead of sending money to the advertising giants, we have developed a product to engage people in a fun and meaningful way that is sure to get their attention—and our pricing model doesn't make you pay unless we are able to deliver.

What if too many rewards get out?

We not only have the ability to limit the number of rewards that are "up for purchase" by our users, but we can also limit the time that they are valid. This means you don't have to worry about your store getting flooded with people using discount codes. We also use unique codes for each individual to ensure we are awarding one-per-user.

Can people cheat the system?

With enough effort, every system can be cheated. However, we have placed many barriers in place to prevent people from being able to collect more LifePoints than they deserve. For instance, a user can only collect up to 2-hours worth of LifePoints per visit to the gym to prevent gym employees from taking advantage of the system.

What is the LifePoints Fee per sale?

We aren't able to discuss our exact pricing model publicly, but we are able to tell you that you will only be paying for successful sales. At the end of the day, if we are unable to generate you any additional sales, you will not pay a cent. In addition to this, we will never charge you for a reward redeemed by one of your customers—they're yours after all!

How do I get partnered with LifePoints?

Simply fill in the information request form on this page and one of our team members will reach out to you and get the process started.

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